About Our Instructors

Patrick Ganino
Patrick Ganino is widely recognized as an innovative and talented decorative artist.  He approaches each commission with an eye for the client’s individual taste and style, a passion for creating unique and lasting designs, and a wealth of experience in delighting even the most exacting clients.

Ganino is the owner of Creative Evolution, a full-service decorative painting company that has operated in Connecticut and surrounding states since 1999.   His clients have included successful business owners, celebrities, and high-profile interior designers.  His work has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles, yet his responsiveness and personal dedication to clients remains his first priority.

In addition to offering a wide range of faux painting and custom murals, Ganino has producesd instructional DVDs for artists, teaches classes at his studio, and participates in The Faux Forum, a website he developed.  He has worked with renowned artists from around the world and recently completed a spectacular series of murals on the exterior of a 12-story building in Brooklyn, NY. Ganino strives to continue to offer his clients an exceptional level of commitment on all projects.  His drive to continually master new techniques will ensure lasting satisfaction from clients who expect only the best.

Pascal Amblard
Born in 1961, in France, Pascal Amblard began to display strong artistic talent and interest in drawing and painting as a small child. Scenes from the French Alps and the Rjiks Museum in Amsterdam so impressed the young boy that he still remembers the hours spent attempting to capture the beautiful landscapes and paintings that so impressed him.

 Although he initially pursued a career as an English teacher, studying in both France and Great Britain, Pascal’s artistic talent was rewarded during a summer holiday, when he produced and quickly sold small, hand painted toys – realizing a large profit. Opening a shop with his wife Pascale, he was hired to produce a mural for a restaurant, and began to accept new commissions for additional mural work.

In 1989, Pascal attended faux finishing, graining and marbling classes in Paris, in lieu of mural classes, which did not exist at the time. He accepted a position at the Galerie Apparences in Paris, specializing in trompe L’oeil and mural painting. In 1993 Pascal was recruited by the IPEDEC to develop and lead their distinguished Mural Department, providing world-renowned classes in mural painting.

 In 1998, Pascal was invited to join the elite group of international decorative painters at their annual gathering called “Salon”. Shortly after, in 2001, Pascal hosted the Paris Salon gathering, which was attended by over one hundred renowned painters, representing fifteen countries.

Pascal’s private clientele has grown to include collectors from various countries, including Germany and the United States, and his work is sought during the highly regarded European Home show, Maison & Objet, in Paris.

Pierre Finkelstein
Pierre_home.jpg Pierre Finkelstein is a 1986 Gold Metal graduate of the Van Der Kellen Painting Institute in Brussels. Four years later, was awarded the very prestigious award as the "best craftsman in France" in 1990 from his native land. His interest and skill brought him to New York City where he has owned Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc. for over 20 years. In that time, he has created faux finishes for internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects worldwide.

Pierre Finkelstein creates photo realistic faux finishes, faux marble and woodgraining, intricate glazing, 18th and 19th century patinas, gilding, handmade plaster finishes, ornamentation, custom-cut stenciling and architectural trompe l'oeil for internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects.

Pierre is the author of the widely sold book, The Art of Faux, which is one of the most comprehensive guides for real decorative painter's in the professional "real" world. He also detailed quality production finishes in his first book; Recipes for Surfaces has given many the confidence to tackle most projects.

Ron Francis
Ron Francis was born in Sydney, Australia in 1954. His earliest memory relating to art, is drawing huge Disney characters on his bedroom wall, and in retrospect, "I'm surprised and grateful that my parents allowed me do it".

 Ron settled in Melbourne in 1974 where he took up my vocation with fervor and began painting full time and improving the skills he had. By 1980 he was represented in the first of several exhibitions. In the following years he became interested in involving the viewer more directly into his paintings. "I realized that there was a direct mathematical correlation between a viewpoint and the objects in a painting which eventually led to my developing formulas for application with perspective, and also computer software to accommodate them".

In 1988 he began working in affiliation with Fresco Site Specific Art, painting trompe l'oeil murals. "It was an easy transition because my interest in perspective was directly applicable to trompe l'oeil. Painting them with oils was too expensive, so I began using acrylic paint and an airbrush".

 Ron moved to South Australia in 1991, where he now lives with his wife and child, and continues to paint a mixture of oil paintings and trompe l'oeil. "I have never had any formal training and acquired most of my knowledge from observation, experimentation and trial and error, as well as studying books about perspective, light and mathematics. I approached learning to paint with one main aim; to refine my technique enough to be able to create a realistic representation of anything that I may imagine or dream".