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        Decorative Painting Classes

Classes: Welcome to the Institute of Decorative Painting

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In 1996, at the age of 19, artist Patrick Ganino started painting murals in south Florida. This self-taught budding artist moved back to his original home state of Connecticut in 1998.

After a short hiatus from painting, and coinciding with the birth of his daughter, Patrick launched his own mural and faux finishing company, which he named Creative Evolution. patrick_clouds.jpgAs Patrick's business-and the public's curiosity-grew, he decided to expand his business by delving into the world of teaching. The Institute of Decorative Painting was Patrick's next addition to Creative Evolution. The school originally focused on teaching basic to intermediate techniques to more of a mass audience.  As the school evolved and Patrick continued to expand Creative Evolution by adding an international collection of instructional dvds using some of the top artists around.  In addition he founded the website and with the birth of the forum came the next step for Creative Evolution's teachings.  The focus went towards concentrating on more advance classes and an all around higher level of decorative painting.  To facilitate this Patrick sought after many of the same artists he used to make Dvds and that he met through the forum.

Todays version of Creative Evolution's school is dedicated to the advancement of decorative painting of the artist.  New classes are formed every year and the best instructors from all over the world are brought in creating a unique class each and every time.  Do not miss our new class line up this year and make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on up and coming classes. 








Visit to meet like minded artist from all over the world.  This online forum provides a support like no other and gives an inside look to what other artists are doing. 

Upcoming Classes

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