Frequently Asked Questions

Why enroll in a faux finish and decorative painting class?

The faux and decorative painting industry is a both extremely rewarding and lucrative. As the popularity of faux finishes increases, so does the demand to stay abreast of current techniques and trends; our school provides the cutting edge information needed to stay competitive. Specific training in a well rounded variety of techniques builds the confidence and skills that are required to cause you to stand apart. classes are tailored to be as unique, and creative as you are in every effort to provide for the competitive edge you need.

montagano_ceiling.jpgHow much is tuition?

Our class fee schedule is listed within our classes page, and ranges from depending on the instructor and what they are teaching. Our classes provide students with practical knowledge and real world skills. The cost of school tuition can easily be earned within one job. Whether you are looking to cultivate your personal talents, develop creativity, or start a new career, you will find that the experience gleaned from our faux and decorative painting classes is priceless.

Do I need to have an artistic or faux painting background?

Absolutely not. Students that enroll in our faux and decorative painting classes are typically from diverse backgrounds; many come from fields unrelated to faux finishing or murals and are working on a career change. Our classes are kept small so everyone receives individual attention. We tailor our instructions to jumpstart beginners and challenge the experienced. Our step-by-step approach is packed full of tips and procedures that will be new and valuable to everyone in class. From Marvelous Murals to faux Business our experienced instructors will provide an environment that is comfortable and conducive to learning.

What is the faux and decorative classroom studio environment?

Our classes are well organized in our 1,000 square foot studio. Ample working and drying spaces are provided for each student. While we like to provide a casual and fun environment for learning, we are prepared to cover a wealth of knowledge during each class. The behind the scenes prep work for class includes prepared sample boards and carefully planned materials so that each class is conducted with a seamless and easygoing efficiency.

What should I bring to class?

Just bring your creativity and desire to learn. We provide the rest. All tools, giacco_backsplash.JPGsupplies, sample boards and materials will be provided. Delicious catered breakfast and lunch will also be provided. Coffee, snacks and a variety of beverages are readily available throughout the class. Be prepared to enjoy your days with us.

What should I wear to class?

Our dress code is casual. Please wear comfortable clothes, clothes that you would not mind spilling paint on.

Will I be able to contact the instructor after class is finished?

We have an open door policy at our school. Our instructors strive to be available for help for all students. If you have questions or concern feel free to contact us at any time through our toll free number (860) 334-5504 or e-mail at