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"There is no plan for failure, only a failure to plan"

The faux world is a tough niche to break into, and Creative Evolution has made it easier for you. Through our guidance we offer the tools you need to jumpstart your faux business, including assistance in launching your own website. Whether you have just started your business or are already established - our workshop and advice will help you take your business to the next level.

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Patrick's Story

Creative Evolution owner, Patrick Ganino, would like to share his story with you. As a child he was one of those children you would be more likely to catch doodling cartoon characters in his answer keys rather than paying attention in class. He would spend hours in detention for his wonderful, yet inappropriately placed works of art. His attitude toward traditional schooling did not change very much as he headed down to Flordia to an art school in Boca Raton. Frustrated with the schools lack of applicable "real life" instruction, at the age of 19 Patrick bid a final farewell to conventional schooling. He began painting murals at local night clubs and in the glamorous homes of Florida's abundantly wealthy, not knowing where his gift of art would take him. At the age of 22, Patrick found his way back to his home state Connecticut, ready to start a business of his very own. Creative Evolution was born.

Patrick has exploded onto the scene of the amazing and growing world of faux and decorative painting, pat_profile.jpgmurals and faux finishes. Starting out with little more than a brush, sponge and a dream. Patrick has created for himself a handsome contracting business focussed on Decorative Painting and Murals.   He is now passionate about helping artists to become better businesspeople.

Wherever you are coming from or whatever your goal, Patrick has been there one time himself. Creative Evolution's faux business program has been created for those who aspire to create a big business or simply the "at home do it yourselfer" who would like to create glorious faux finishes in their homes. This notion, along with almost everything valuable and applicable to real life, is knowledge that Patrick wants his student to experience in a non traditional way. Successful artists and business people are not born, but rather are made.



Faux Business Class

business_of_faux.jpgOur Faux Business class takes you through the nuts and bolts of establishing a business entity through creating an operating, marketing and financial plan. Patrick will show you the tricks of the trade that he spent years learning. He will give you all of the information you need to market your business, present your work to customers, create a portfolio, bid a job, and more. In an effort to provide all you need to market your business we will also help you get started on the World Wide Web. Check our class schedule (link) for the next available class.

In addition to the Business Class Patrick decided to take his information and put it down on paper.  In 2007 The Business of Faux was publish and held inside it the techniques that Patrick used to start his business and continues to use today.  A simple easy to read manual that allows the artist to clear their mind and stay focused on the business end of the arts.  To purchase a copy of this book you can visit the products section of this site located on the top banner of the page.




Building Your Website

Creative Evolution's Faux Business class is designed to help you successfully compete in the business. To that end, we have partnered with our design firm to offer you an exclusive opportunity to start your own website.

As part of your registration in our Faux Business class, we are going to provide you the opportunity to work with our web designers on a single page website that will help get you started towards building your very own business on the world wide web.

Here is how the program works. Our designers will present you with a template-based design. They will adjust the colors of the template (as well as some minor layout changes), add your company name, logo (provided by you), up to 5 images (provided by you) and 500-700 words of content (provided electronically by you). They will also include up to 5 links on the page.

The only cost to you will be your annual hosting & domain renewal fee. Our exclusive starter package for creative evolution students is $99.95/year, which includes your initial domain name registration. That's just $8.30/month (plus domain renewal fee after year one - currently $14.95)!

Once you have your first web page "live", you can continue working with our designers at your own discretion. If you choose to work with another design team, the login information for your website will be made available to you. Our developers use open source languages/databases including the very popular PHP and MySQL.

It really can be that easy.

Industry Analysis

Decorative painting is a new industry relative to other industries classified within our nation's established labor industries. However, decorative painting and faux finishes has been an established practice for hundreds of years. Think of the frescoes of Rome, the roots of ancient murals in houses across Europe and America, the fin de siecle gold leafing and relief work of the late nineteenth century. The faux industry, is an industry that, by all appearances now, is somewhere in between being related to the traditional painting industry and interior decorating industry. However, many faux painting businesses operate in way that closely resembles the work that other fine artists and craftsmen complete. Industry trends are hard to predict with such new industry, but it is certain that faux finishing and decorative painting is one of the hottest trends and fastest growing markets. As faux finishing and decorative painting steadily increase in popularity more techniques are added to the gallery of options available for this art.

Industry trends reflect a realization that current culture necessitates a need to live in homes that are reflections of who individuals are and the way they want to live. Americans are spending more money than ever on discretionary purchases, which are motivated by emotion and desire. These types of individuals can rationalize their purchases if they provide pleasure, relieve stress or beautify their environment to the point where Americans will spend 3 trillion in one year on discretionary products or services.

Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is essential in this business. Painters and artists do not make money because of a lack of marketing. This includes knowing and understanding your target market. Since most decorative painting and faux finishing projects require a few days to complete it is not practical that the target locations deviate far from your home base. Proper planning and research should be conducted to gain an understanding of your local communities. Creative Evolution is happy to help you research your local demographics and teach you how to analyze the data to establish the target market and create a customer profile that will help you become a successful faux finisher.

Your portfolio is an important marketing tool. It is very important that you document your work and create a portfolio. This shows not only your talent and abilities, but gives a sense of organization, which in turn will set you apart from the many faux painters that do not have portfolio book.

Spread the word. The easiest form of advertising is straight from the horses mouth. Tell everyone what you do. Do not be shy. When someone is interested make sure you get their number. People tend to be busy and you do not want to get lost in the mix. Simply tell them that you would like their business card as well and will call them as soon as you can. Be sure to always follow through.

Financial Planning

The faux painting industry can be extremely lucrative. The start up costs involved with a self start faux painting business are low, which means your profit margins are high. Every individual has a unique and different financial situation. With the correct planning your methods for funding a new or expanding business venture can be as a creative as you are. Your financial objectives should be clearly detailed and projected as should cash budgets, break-even points, that coincide with your projected operating results.

Pricing strategies should also be considered within your business plans. One should be mindful of the fact that decorative painting is perceived as an art, fees charged should far exceed that of the typical painter. Many determining factors, such as materials included, and the overall time spent on a particular faux finish should be considered as you estimate prices. Determining a successful method for job pricing can be mastered with ease given the correct facts and proper thought.

Faux Business Links

Important links to get you started:

http://www.sba.gov The Small Business Administration offers counseling and assistance for entrepreneurs

http://www.socialsecurity.gov Department of Social Security

http://www.dol.gov U.S. Department of Labor

http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=99021,00.html State Links

http://www.score.org A nonprofit association that offers free advice and counseling for small businesses nationwide.

http://www.irs.gov Resource for Small Business Federal Tax Information

http://www.asid.org/ The American Society of Interior Designers' website is a wonderful resource for trends in the decorative paint industry