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Faux Effects World - Volume 14 by Patrick Ganino - 12/15/2011

  Being ver377514_10150428682840919_175744515918_8941805_2005327057_n.jpgy involved in the decorative painting industry for the past 12 years, I believe I have a strong grasp on what my fellow artists are experiencing throughout the country with the economy in its current state.  If asked how I’ve weathered the downturn in the economy, I’d have to respond honestly by saying, “Carefully.”


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Bar Rescue Season 1 Episode 110

Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer by Spike TV - 09/25/2011

images.jpgHogtied Ham's - Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to save automotive-themed Angry Ham's Garage from stalling out. Towdy owners and stonewalling city officials are lurking right under the hood.
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Middletown artist ready for show Saturday at Gallore Gallery

Middletown Press by CLAIRE MICHALEWICZ - 05/04/2011

pat_artist.jpgAfter over a decade working as an artist, Patrick Ganino is looking forward to his first-ever gallery show, in his hometown of Middletown. Ganino’s show opens at Gallore Gallery on Washington Street on Saturday. ... Read More

Kitchen Nightmares Season 4 Episode 9

Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey by FOX - 03/25/2011

xlarge_1_.jpgIn this episode we were brought in to woodgrain the wainscotting in the entire restaurant and to assist in Gilding the walls.  Quite a project!... Read More

30 foot mural painted at the Homeshow

Jenks Productions by CE - 11/01/2010

pat_profile.jpgDon't miss Patrick Ganino this weekend as he paints a mural over 30 feet long.  That is over 3 stories tall!  In 2 days Patrick Ganino will complete this kid friendly mural live at the 31st annual fall HomeShow by Jenks Productions.  ... Read More

Tabitha's Salon Takeover

Tabitha's Salon Takeover by Bravo - 09/08/2010

key_art_tabathas_salon_takeover.jpgIn this episode we were brought in for a head to toe makeover with paint.  Although there were many other things going on with the art direction I had my hands full and thankfully had Mike with me to help. 
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Painting the Town

Hartford Courant - 07/09/2010

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It's All in the Details

Design New Jersey by Jill P. Wentz - 06/01/2010

JUNJUL2010.jpg Architectural accents, and luxurious colors and fabrics add personality to a home in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey.

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Kitchen Nighmares Season 2 Episode 11

Kitchen Nighmares with Gordon Ramsey by FOX - 04/11/2010

  xlarge_1_.jpg  In this episode Gordon visits Flemming"s trying to revive this Danish restaurant in Miami, Florida.  We got the nod to participate in this project and quickly flew down to help out.  Once there the full scope of the job we were to do was apparent and we dove right in.  A full night of painting outside came to a screeching hault after an unexpected storm rolled in threatening to ruin the work we already started.  After we scurried inside with all we had started we were able to move on to the interior walls.  As the hours rolled by and sunset was around the corner we worked fast and hard to finish up the interior walls of the NEW Flemming's restaurant.
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Big Project in the Big Apple

The Faux Finisher Magazine by Diane Capuano - 02/01/2010

scan0030.jpgThey endured heat, cold, rain, gusts of air, pigeons and more, but Patrick Ganino and Ryan Stenz persevered to complete a unique mural project in Brooklyn If the tenants of two adjoining Brooklyn high-rises want to see the sights of New York, they don’t have to hail a cab or travel via subway. In fact, they don’t even need to leave their buildings at all.  


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Cracking the Commercial Market

Paint and Wallcovering Contractor by Pamela Mills- - 12/20/2009

2009_12_PWCcover1.gifConnecticut muralist Patrick Ganino pounds the pavement to find commercial work, looking for new construction and major renovations. He recently completed two 12-story exterior murals in Brooklyn, N.Y.—a two-month project. ... Read More

Dingy airshaft is Brooklyn artist's easel & easier on the eye for tenants - as a gift from landlord!

Daily News NY by BY Mike Mclaughlin - 09/15/2009

daily_news_article_resized.jpgIt's the biggest work of art in Brooklyn you won't get to see.

An artist is painting a brightly colored 12-story high mural - concealed from the public eye - in the courtyard of two neighboring downtown Brooklyn towers.

"This is just for the tenants, because they were looking out of their windows onto a crummy courtyard," said Patrick Ganino, 33, the artist who has adorned the five-sided atrium with classic New York images, including a three-story tall Read More

A Decade of Changed

The Faux Finisher by Interview with Pat Ganino - 06/01/2009

Patricscan0023.jpgk Ganino was interviewed for the 10th anniversary issue of The Faux Finisher Magazine:

started my  business about ten years ago.  I remember it being a very independent  and solo career at the time.  It was in the begining when I just wanted  to have the opportunity to do everything.  Paint in every type of space  and every type of home.  I want to learn and to collaborate.   Today all those expectations that I have in my early twentys have been  met and the opportunity to learn and work with other artists from all over  the world are rampent.  This industry like many other industries has  evolved and changed into something more with much help from technology.   Today with the internet there are no boundries or limits to learn.   I now have peers from across the world that I can call and associate  with and it is only getting better....Currently I see thru our main site   artists sharing not only techniques that allow them to grow as  artisians but practical business knoweledge that furthers them in ... Read More

Fast and Furious

Robb Report by Jorge S. Arango - 05/01/2009

r0905.jpg Judith Sheindlin, known to fans of her popular courtroom TV show as Judge Judy, removes a cream-colored envelope from her desk drawer and points to the Cartier logo on it, then to the engraved name: Cindy Adams. In 2008, Sheindlin explains, the well-known New York Post gossip—a good friend of hers—stopped by the site of the Greenwich, Conn., house that Sheindlin and her husband Jerry (a former New York Supreme Court judge who also presided over TV cases on The People’s Court) were having built. To Adams’ eye, the project appeared far from complete.
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Perserverence Leads to Impressive Stone Grotto Project

The Faux Finisher by Patrick Ganino - 04/01/2009

scan0022.jpgAnyone doing walk-ins on new construction? We have had much luck with this over the years. It is not for the faint of heart so tighten your belt and keep moving forward.

Yesterday morning I was driving down main st. in Middletwon. I noticed a new restaurant under construction. It had all the typical promos with paper signs saying coming soon. I decided to walk in and give it a pitch.

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Taste of Italy

Middletown Press by Sloan Brewster - 03/09/2009

scan0025_1.jpgMIDDLETOWN — In Italian, the word “esca” translates into the phrase “to lure.”

And that is just what Elisa Petrulis hopes to do — lure folks into Esca Restaurant and Wine Bar, where, she said, they will be able to sample esoteric wines and enjoy authentic Italian fare.

“I thought it was a catchy little phrase to lure people in,” Petrulis said. ... Read More

Virtual Relationships Lead to Real-World Collaborations

The Faux Finisher by Patrick Ganino - 01/01/2009

When I firsscan0024.jpgt started my business, I was filled with a determination to succeed and a passion for art.  Several years later, I felt I had lost a lot of the desire that makes up a good artist.  I had a successful contracting business, and it became more about making money than growing as an artist.  I remember sitting in my office with Jamie, my assistant at the time, telling her my plans for starting an online forum.  She said to me, “I don’t really understand what you’re doing.”  I said I wasn’t sure either, but knew it was a good idea.  I envisioned artists from around the world sharing ideas and experiences, supporting each other with advice, trading knowledge about classes and products, and helping each other develop skills.  Little did I know what kind of impact this virtual world would have on my real, day to day life.

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Season 6 Episode 5 Girard Family

Extreme Makeover Home Edition by ABC - 12/08/2008

extreme_makeover___Copy.jpgVoluntown - In Voluntown, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crews are beginning to build a brand new home for the Girard family, who were struck by multiple tragedies this year.  We had the honor to work in one of the rooms.  This was our third appearance on EMHE and it is always a pleasure to have an opportunity to be apart of something like this.

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Comfortable Life with High Profile Decoration Home Ideas

The Shanghai Press by Media - 12/01/2007

HomeIdea_Cover_1.jpg ... Read More

Season 5 Episode 6

Extreme Makeover Home Edition by ABC - 11/11/2007

extreme_makeover___Copy.jpgOur second appearance on Extreme Makeover Home Edition we were to help the Marrero Family in New Jersey.  In New Jersey Mike and I were asked to create a boys theme in one night.  Well, after a long night and some steamy weather we cranked thru it and got the job done!  
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Season 5 Episode 5

Extreme Makeover Home Edition by ABC - 10/10/2007

extreme_makeover___Copy.jpgIn our first appearance on EMHE we traveled to Bridgeport, ct to help out the Brown Family.  This being our first time being involved with the show we had no idea what to expect.  Well, it was certainlly chaotic but in a good way!  We cranked out our project and got asked to do another episode before we left.   ... Read More

Making the Most of Home Shows

The Faux Finisher - 07/01/2007

Making the Most of Home Shows

Part of the challenge of being a small-business owner is getting the most bang for your marketing buck. Finding a cost-effective way to market your decorative painting business without a huge investment of time can be tricky and involve a lot of trial and error. Over the years I’ve had a lot of success with home shows and have developed a “home show plan” to maximize the commissions I receive from the large amounts of people who browse through the shows. Home shows are an unbelievable outlet to get instant business. As a sole proprietor, the only employee, I had a good amount of work and a comfortably long waiting list. When I decided to expand my business by subcontracting out much of the faux work, I suddenly found myself hustling to book enough clients to keep more than one person busy. Purchasing space at a home show filled the gap for me, and can be just as effective for someone new to the business looking for a strong client base, or an experienced decorative painter with an eye on extending their business into the future.

Typically home shows are held in the spring and fall, usually in some kind of arena or civic center. The company sponsoring the home show rents floor space to businesses wishing to advertise at the show. Each business pays around a thousand dollars for approximately a ten by ten space on the floor... Read More

DVD Series Features Top Industry Stars

The Faux Finisher - 05/15/2007

DVD Series Features Top Industry Stars

The next time you have a yearning to see a great DVD, you could head down to Blockbuster and peruse the newest releases, or you could watch one of nearly two dozen industry titles that have been produced by Creative Evolution. You want stars? These DVDs have some of the brightest stars in the faux industry’s firmament—the likes of Sean Crosby, Pascal Amblard, Tania Seabock, Marc Potocsky, Nicola Vigini, John Pugh, Shari Hoeger (of The Mad Stencilist) and a series of projects from The House That Faux Built. The DVDs cover such topics as gold leafing, marbling, mosaics, landscapes, clouds and airbrushing.

“These are all DVDs from the industry’s top artists,” reported Pat Ganino, owner of Creative Evolution and also director of the DVD series. “We have 20 titles now, but we expect to have a total of 40 in the next few months.” The average price of a DVD is between $50 and $100. Most of the DVDs are produced on-site at Creative Evolution’s Studio in Durham, Conn., though the production team flew out to California to film the large-scale murals of John Pugh. Faux artists can order the DVDs at The Faux Warehouse (, which is a sister Web site to Learn to Faux (, an industry educational resource, and Faux Forum (, an online community and message board for i... Read More

An exclusiveshowcase of the finest designers in New England

Spectacular Homes of New England by Sharon McCormick - 01/01/2007

spectacular_homes.jpgPatrick Ganino's work was featured in several pages of 2007's Spectacular Homes of New England.  (see pages 33-35) ... Read More

Imagination Comes Alive
A Decorative Painter Transforms the Everyday

Home Living Connecticut by By Jane Gordon - 06/15/2006

Imagination Comes Alive<br>
A Decorative Painter Transforms the Everyday

The creation story of great artworks is often the story of long, tormented hours in front of a canvas, fiddling with the lights and darks, adjusting the grays, adding color or subtracting it.

Pat Ganino does no such thing. The antithesis of the standard artist’s story, he can hardly sit still. And he’s fast, sometimes faster than even he expects himself to be. Speed and sureness have no typically defined artists, but if Ganino has his way, a new definition awaits.

A commercial muralist who lives in Madison with his wife and three children, Ganino has thrown himself into the decorative painting business. Through his business, Creative Evolution, he runs the Institute of Decorative Painting in Madison, has come out with a product line of faux finishes (now available in paint stores) and works on about 100 murals a year. With 365 days in a year—he’s been working seven days a week for a while now, without vacations—he couldn’t sit still if he wanted to.

The son of a father who was an insurance salesman and a mother who stayed home to care for him and his older sister, Ganino grew up in a household in Middletown that didn’t necessarily encourage his interest in art, but didn’t discourage it either He took an art class... Read More

A Work Of Art

Middletown Press - 04/01/2006

A Work Of ArtPat Ganino, owner of Creative Evolution, paints a mural inside the Tavern at the Armory in Middletown. Sharon McCormick of Fairchild House Interiors in Durham commissioned Ganino for the project.... Read More

Stay Between The Lines

Women's Day: Walls, Windows & Floors - 03/01/2006

wd003.gifCreative Evolution was mentioned in a Woman' Day Publication for our innovative stencil line: Creative Evoltuion offers classes in mural painting, decorative plastering and trompe l'oeil techniques. Test your new skills using their signature stencils ($10 each) for creating designs as well as glazing and plaster processes. 866-775-3289; ... Read More

How To Project: Underwater Mural

The Faux Finisher by Patrick Ganino - 02/28/2006

How To Project: Underwater Mural

As a business owner I realized early on that there is more to painting a mural than just expressing myself artistically. I came to appreciate that I had to make a transition from an artist that loves to create, to working creative jobs that turn a profit. One of the most important skills I learned is how to price my mural work. Charging by the hour is more of a liability than any sort of security of getting paid what your work is worth. Quickly, I began charging a flat rate and realized the potential for lucrative revenue. Efficiency and speed then became the key factors to success. A flat rate fee makes sense for an artist, with a flat rate fee the faster and more efficient I became at painting murals, the greater the increase in my profits. By perfecting my painting techniques, through repetition and concentration I was able to condense the same three day mural into one day of painting. A muralist gets better and better at their trade, their profit margin should reflect the rewards of their expertise.

Over the years I have spent much time perfecting beautiful murals at a quick pace without sacrificing visual quality. The underwater mural is a beautiful example of a speedy visual technique. Its wonderful impact is quick to complete which in turn fetches a pretty penny. Typically, a wall painted in under tw... Read More

Home Sweet Mural

Journal Inquirer by Doreen Guarino - 02/24/2006

Home Sweet Mural

For Patrick Ganino, one of the ways to completely transform a room while adding drama, color, style, and even whimsy is with a custom-made mural.

Whether it be on a wall, a ceiling, or the exterior of a building, a mural can breathe new life into an otherwise drab space and transport you to another world

Ganino should know. The 29-year-old father of three young children is an expert muralist, magically transforming rooms in homes, offices, and restaurants using imagination, brush strokes, and a rainbow of latex paint colors.

Ganino is the owner of Creative Evolution in Madison, a decorative painting company he founded in 1999, and he is its much sought-after muralist.

With a waiting list for his services that is three to four months long, Ganino has found a lucrative business in hand-painting a variety of murals at homes and businesses throughout the state and beyond.

For Ganino, who once dabbled in fine art oil painting, being a muralist shows off his artistic talent and brings rewards in a different way.

While an oil painter creates a work over time and tries to find a buyer, being a muralist means clients find Ganino first, then he goes to work bringing their ideas to life, efficiently and quickly. His motto is "If you can imagine it, I can paint it."

Over the y... Read More

Sharon McCormick - Family Room

Fairfield County Home - 01/15/2006

fairfield_home_2.gifThe design philosophy for the family room was to create peaceful but striking have which functions well for a busy family. The room’s color scheme takes its cue from the autumn hills and sky. The blue Venetian plaster wall finish enhances the family’s collection of landscape paintings, while the night sky mural is a reminder of their annual camping adventures spent under the stars. This family enjoys the finer things, as evidenced by the collection of handcrafted heirloom furniture and oil paintings. The custom rug, window treatments, pillows and upholstered pieces give the room its sense of warmth and comfort. ... Read More

Tile Backsplash - Intro

The Faux Finisher - 01/01/2006

Tile Backsplash - Intro

The ability to let creativity flow and yet remain mindful of cost is one of the most important skills I would like to impart to my students when teaching plaster techniques. Plaster is on the high end of faux finishing work, and a wonderful skill to add to one’s repertoire. It is imperative to me that my students be able to offer clients sophisticated work, but also something that saves them money. Keeping cost effective principles in mind when bidding jobs eases the difficulty of selling plaster projects.

Our copper tile inlay is the quintessential cost effect technique. It saves your client money without sacrificing any of the richness attached to the finished effect. The steps are deceptively simple, bringing you through a faux tile effect that is both unique and versatile. The dry time on all my plaster products are extremely fast causing the execution to be painless. This project is one that can be completed in one day and the cost to install is kept to a minimal. I pride myself on easy techniques and try to sincerely instill in my students this mentality. There is nothing better than mastering a simple yet impressively beautiful project which in turn creates a high margin of profit.

Browse our FREE online tutorials!

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Fancy Finishes Made Easier

Hartford Courant by Hilary Waldman - 10/28/2005

product2.jpgEver wonder how Debbie Travis makes even the most complex wall finishes look easy on her HGTV show "The Painted House"?

Pat Ganino says you, too, can do those fancy glazes, plasters and faux finishes.

Ganino, a mural artist in Madison, recently opened a school where professional and amateur painters can learn complex painting techniques in one- and two-day sessions. He also has developed a line of paints, glazes and varnishes he says are simpler to use than similar products on the market.

Some of his students want to turn faux finishing into a business. Others simply want to learn a new way to paint their living room.

"The majority of people are 35 to 55 and very creative," Ganino says. "They're nurses, or they've worked at Aetna, and they want a career change."

Ganino, who says he taught himself to paint and now runs a successful business creating murals and trompe l'oeil finishes, says the techniques are not difficult to learn.

His products are sold under the name Creative Evolution, which also is the name of his school and painting business. The paints are are made in Canada and sold through his website,

His products can ease the pr... Read More

Muralist Brings Italian Vistas to State Restaurants

New Haven Register by Peggy Schenk, Register Staff - 10/17/2005

scan0027.jpgWESTBROOK — Patrick Ganino can turn an ordinary white ceiling into a sky full of stars or make angels peek through clouds at diners in a restaurant below.

One recent morning, Ganino was working his magic at Fiore’s Pizzeria, which is about to open in the Tanger Outlet Center.

In the space of a couple of days, a blank cement block wall became a seascape with sand dunes and bluff reminiscent of Block Island. A New England lighthouse stands watch above a vine-covered stone wall plucked from a vision of the Italian countryside.

"It combines the elements of the shore, which we have here, with a touch of Italy that identifies the restaurant," said Ganino.

"All this is his idea. I love it," said restaurateur Russ Cecunjanin. "I don’t know too much about painting. I had no ideas. You just do something that you want, I told him."

For more than a decade, Ganino, 29, has been developing his craft, painting murals and applying decorative finishes in homes and restaurants throughout Connecticut.

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Gussy Up A Mudroom:
Bring new life to a utility room by reviving a tired wood floor with color and pattern

Country Sampler Decorating Ideas - 10/01/2005

news_200510.gifTake advantage of overlooked spaces. Laundry rooms, mudrooms, and other utility spaces don't have to be boring. Interior designer Sharon McCormick, owner of Fairchild House Interiors in Durham, Connecticut, worked with painter Patrick Ganino to create the floor pattern that enlivens the mudroom of her 18th-century Colonial home. Although linear and geometric patterns may not suit older homes' uneven walls, Sharon says that floor provide an ideal canvas for introducing patterns missing elsewhere in your décor. Because the room also serves as the main entryway to the home, Sharon designed a space that has form and function. "I wanted something to perk it up so it would be a happy, welcoming place," she says.

Sharon selected a pale yellow for the walls and ceiling to give the room an overall warm glow and designed the octagonal floor pattern to resemble Colonial-era floor cloths. Patrick, a decorative painter and muralist, used a template, paints and glazes to render the checkerboard pattern. He added a yellow faux finish to the octagons for a textural twist. The sophisticated look is deceptively simple to create, and a few coats of polyurethane make this high-traffic area durable and easy to clean.

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Painting Imagination

The Source - 07/28/2005

Painting ImaginationCreative Evolution, where the motto is, “If you can imagine it, we can paint it,” is ready for clients at 1912 Durham Road, Madison, CT. Creative Evolution specializes in all sizes of custom murals, decorative painting, Venetian plasters, faux finishing, trompe l’oeil, and children’s rooms. Prompt estimates, color consultation, design advice, and spotless cleanup come with the staffs ten years in the field. The staff at Creative Evolution are (shown here) Sharon McCormick, an instructor at Institute of Decorative Painting; Jamey Hicks, director of the Institute; Mike Sundell of the Faux Department; and owner Patrick Ganino with his daughter, Lauren.... Read More

Connecticut Artist To Help Others Achieve

The Faux Finisher by Diane Capuano - 07/01/2005

Connecticut Artist To Help Others Achieve

For nearly a decade, decorative artist Patrick Ganino has beautified homes and businesses as the owner of Creative Evolution in Madison, Conn. His murals in restaurants and other high-profile locations throughout Connecticut have made him one of the most visible and sought-after decorative artists in the entire state. Now, Ganino is focusing on helping other artists experience their own “creative evolutions” by launching his own school: The Institute of Decorative Painting.

Ganino launched Institute of Decorative Painting in late April at a 1,000-square-foot facility that serves as both a classroom setting and a showcase of various finishes and techniques. Classes at school cover a wide range of subjects, including glazed finishes, decorative plasters, murals, trompe l’oeil, color and design. Most classes last one or two days and are affordably priced at under $1,000, including a catered breakfast and lunch.

In addition to classes on faux-finishing principles and techniques, there also is a one-day class that focuses on the business side of faux finishing. This class is designed to help budding faux finishers take their talents and parlay them into a thriving decorating painting business. “Focusing on the business side is essential,” Ganino explains. “You can have all the artistic talent in the world,... Read More

When Room Itself Is Art

Hartford Courant by Hilary Waldman - 06/03/2005

When Room Itself Is Art

From cave dwellers to urban graffiti scrawl and children scribbling with crayons on the forbidden living-room plaster, the art of wall painting holds a fascination across continents and civilizations. ``People have been painting on walls since pre-history,'' says Hartford mural artist Jeanne Manzelli. ``What do you have left from Pompeii? Wall painting.''

After a brief hiatus in the 20th century, when the minimalist white wall ruled, murals and other fancy painted finishes again are capturing the imagination of homeowners and designers.

While modern-day murals made their comeback as public art, mural artists lately are busy creating hand-painted scenes in guest bathrooms, children's bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers, home libraries and on many a residential ceiling.

``This is a new birth of murals and decorative painting,'' says Marc J. Potocsky, a house painter turned mural artist from Branford.

Potocsky and others credit home and garden television programs for reintroducing the idea that a wall or ceiling can be an important design element -- on equal footing with furniture and accessories -- in a well-decorated room.

The idea is not new.

``If you go back 500 or 600 years, people had a lot less furniture,'' says Yale University art historian Anne Dunlop, who studies secular European wall painting... Read More

Chester Events - Winter 2004

Chester Events - 01/01/2004

Chester Events - Winter 2004The painting on the cover of the Chester Events - Winter 2004 edition was painted by Patrick Ganino of Creative Evolution.... Read More

Tromp l'oeil painting can create illusions anywhere

The Day - Marketplace by Author: Richard Norman
Photographer: Jeff Evans - 11/16/2003

Tromp l'oeil painting can create illusions anywhereGazing at the murals on her living room wall, with its dramatic tromp l'oeil effect, Lillian McNeil of Waterford makes a comment that must be a high coompliment to an artist.
"It was like an unfinished room without it," she says.

[Remainder of article coming soon]

... Read More

Nursery Nuances

The Day by Author: Richard Norman
Photographer: Jeff Evans - 07/13/2003

Nursery NuancesMeg and Terry and their 5-month-old son Matthew share a quiet moment in the nursery of their home in Chester.

The room features hand-painted murals by painter Patrick Ganino of Gales Ferry.

... Read More

New Latte'tudes, New Attitudes

Norwich Bulletin by John Shishmanian - 05/09/2003

New Latte'tudes, New AttitudesPat Ganino of Gales Ferry, left, and Mike Sundell of Portland paint an ocean mural Thursday at Latte'tudes Coffee Co. in Norwich.

The West Main Street business is scheduled to open May 19 and will serve a variety of coffee, sandwiches and pastries.

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Trompe l'Oeil Paneling

The Artistic Stenciler by Patrick Ganino - 03/01/2003

Trompe l'Oeil PanelingWhen I first began my decorative painting business, I was adamant about taking established techniques and simplifying them. When I give a customer a quote on a job, that quote is a flat rate. The price does not change if the job takes longer than anticipated, so it is key for me to be efficient and fast while keeping a level of excellence.

Some of my best pieces are trompe l'oeil. Everyone loves the look and many people do not believe their eyes when a fine trompe l'oeil painting is completed. Customers who consult with me about having trompe l'oeil done in their homes or businesses usually think it will be the most expensive of the services I offer. However, it is relatively inexpensive.

Inexpensive because I have devised techniques that simplify my trompe l'oeil into a basic process while maintaining the level of detail that it needs. Trompe l'oeil is a study of shadows and highlights. Once that is understood, all that is needed is the correct placement and some simple techniques.

One of my most sought-after trompe l'oeil pieces is faux paneling. The effect is so realistic that when my photographer went to the home to take pictures of the above work, he walked into the room and did not know what he was supposed to photograph. The unexpected thing about faux paneling is that it is rather easy to do when following the... Read More

Harp & Hound

The Day by Photographer: Dana Jensen - 11/01/2002

 theday_20021101.jpgThe mural in the background at the Harp & Hound in Mystic was painted by Patrick Ganino of Creative Evolution.

... Read More

Painting The Town

The Sun by Author: Virginia Allen
Photographer: John Koulbanis - 05/04/2002

Painting The TownPatrick Ganino works on one of his murals at the new Vetrano's restaurant on Granite Street in Westerly.

[remainder of article coming soon...]... Read More

Wall Sweet

Middletown Press by Tom Warren - 11/30/2001

Wall SweetArtist Patrick Ganino paints a large mural of a jimson weed plant in the Cromwell home of Loraine Caruso Thursday. Ganino said it's the 72nd murals he's painted this year.... Read More

Heavenly Work

The Day by David Goldman - 10/06/2001

Heavenly WorkPatrick Ganino, 25, of Creative Evolution puts some finishing touches on a mural he's painting in a 20-foot-diameter dome at the former Harrington's restaurant on Bank Street in New London Friday afternoon.

Ganino, of Gales Ferry, has spent just over a week on the mural, which is nearly finished. The dome sits above the main dining room of what will be Illiano's, which is scheduled to open after Christmas.... Read More

Decorative Painting is Easy and Spectacular

Hartford Courant by Lynn Higgs - 10/04/2001

Decorative Painting is Easy and SpectacularTrompe l'oeil, a decorative painting technique used by Patrick Ganino of Creative Evolution, creates the illusion of depth to trick the eye into seeing a painting as three-dimensional.... Read More

Kids' Room Price Tags, Growing Up

Home & Real Estate by Photographer: Tom Brown - 09/16/2001

Kids' Room Price Tags, Growing UpThe mural shown was painted by Patrick Ganino for a children's room at a home in Killingworth.... Read More

Off The Wall

Middletown Press by Irena Pastorello - 07/12/2001

Off The WallLocal artist Patrick Ganino (center) finished his mural depicting the intersection of Main and Washington streets Monday morning.

The mural, which has been painted on the side of the National Paint and Wallpaper building, celebrates Middletown's 350th anniversary and took Ganino two weeks to complete.

The artist said he used acrylic water-based paints so the mural should last at least 10 years. Also pictured are the store's owners, Mike Uliano (left) and Ron Corciullo, who said they were pleased with the work.

"It's the talk of the town," said Uliano.

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Mural, Mural, On The Wall

Herald Press by Author: Rob Varnon
Photographer: Tom Warren - 07/01/2001

Mural, Mural, On The WallPat Ganino (front) and his uncle, Dan Brewer, are getting back to their middletown roots - and helping to honor the city's 350th anniversay - by crafting a colorful mural on a wall of the National Paint and Wallpaper building at the intersection of Washington Street and DeKoven Drive.

[remainder of article coming soon...]... Read More

Painting Walls a Profitable Art

Hartford Courant by Author: Dan Uhlinger
Photographer: Bob MacDonnell - 06/18/2001

Painting Walls a Profitable ArtSix years ago, Patrick Ganino was just another teenager trying to find himself.

An aspiring artist from Groton, Ganino had moved to Florida to attend college and obtain an arts degree, but quickly lost ineterest in his studies and dropped out.

"I got bored painting pictures of rocking chairs over and over." he said.

Ganino tried his hand a patining murals in nightclubs and other business after a rommate helped him find his first professional job at the age of 19.

His work attracted the attention of a decorative painter, who game Ganino an apprenticeship. Within a year, however, he decided to pack up his paintbrushes and move back to Connecticut.

"I was young and was just kind of messing around in life, getting a grasp on the real world. In the next couple years I kind of grew up," he said.

And group up he did.

Three years ago, Ganino started his own business, which specializes in decorative painting. Since then, it has grown and he is now hiring other people to help him on certain projects.

The name of the business, Creative Evolution, describes Ganino's own growth as well as his ability to transform dull, colorless walls and ceilings into vibrant, uplifting works of art.

Ganino's company offers three services to private individuals, businesses, nonprofi... Read More

Painter Mixes Flights Of Fancy Into Faux Finishes

Hartford Courant by Author: Kendra Ranelli
Photographer: Marc-Yves Regis - 06/04/2001

Painter Mixes Flights Of Fancy Into Faux FinishesIt beats a desk job for Patrick Ganino, 25, of Ledyard, a decorative painter whose business, Creative Evolution, has a 2 month backlog of work.

Ganino is shown here in front of a mural he designed and painted at Bella Fiore restaurant in Norwich.

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The Creative Evolution of Patrick Ganino

The Faux Finisher by Diane Capuano - 03/01/2001

The Creative Evolution of Patrick GaninoIt's a gutsy thing to do: to leave the steady income of a regular job and pursue the dream of becoming a professional painter. That's the situation in which Patrick Ganino of Gales Ferry, Conn., found himself just a few short years ago. He was working for a company that sells photocopiers and digital printing systems - a good job, in fact, a milestone job because that is where he met the woman who would eventually become his wife. As it turned out, his wife, Alli, would be instrumental in convincing him to leave the comfort of an office job and make his livelihood doing what he truly loves.

Patrick had only a limited amount of professional decorating painting experience, so making the move was a little bit like stepping off a precipice. But he decided to try out his wings, giving his artist talents a chance to soar, while Alli provided the safety net of a continuing secure job and income.

At the outset, Patrick was long on talent, but short on experience. He had always been interested in drawing and painting. That talent bloomed during his high school years, so upon graduation, he left Connecticut to pursue an art degree at a college in Boca Raton, Fla. But the regiment of college art classes proved to be a bit restrictive for Patrick's tastes. He dropped out of college and pursue... Read More

City's Wadsworth Mansion Receives Finishing Touches

Middletown Press by Pam Dawkins - 07/07/2000

City's Wadsworth Mansion Receives Finishing TouchesMore than six months after it first opened to the public, the Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill Estates is receiving the finishing touches to its renovations.

The landscaping is almost completed and some furniture is being refinished, said Deborah Moore, the estate's executive director. And Patrick Ganino of Creative Evolution in Gales Ferry is putting what Moore called a "decorative finish" to the walls in the second floor hallway and bar area.

The estate, owned by the city and run by a specially-created authority, opened Dec. 31, 1999, after approximately $5 million of renovations. Ganino estimates the job will cost the authority between $5,000 and $10,000; he charges based upong the square footage of the walls.

Ganino, who rented scaffolding and a large ladder in order to reach along the mansion's tall walls, is using paint to highlight the raised designs in the hall and bar area. Along the top border in the upstairs hall, the walls are covered in a mixture of paper and plaster that is similar to wallpaper. In the bar, the raised figures on the dark walls will be highlighted in gold.

These touches, Moore said, were always in the plans, but "it required finding somebody that knew how to do it."

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Stroke of Fortune

Norwich Bulletin Press by Mitchell Polatin - 06/30/2000

Stroke of FortunePatrick Ganino completed his first painting while a senior in high school. It was a self-portrait.

In it, he is standing by a pool table in a dark, narrow room with a bright red carpet. Behind him there is a door, slightly ajar, and through it one can see a black and white tile floor. Looking back, he recalls this early venture with an eager grin, pleased at how far he has come.

"Wow," he said. "I wasted a lot of paint on that."

Ganino, the founder of Creative Evolution, (, a decorative painting outfit in south-eastern Connecticut, concedes he was "never really into art all that much." In fact, in apparent reversal of fortune, he managed to turn a job into a hobby, then back into a job.

Ganino briefly attended art school in Boca Raton, Fla., before dropping out to help a friend paint murals.

"I hated it," he said. "We were all designing couches and stuff." It wasn't long until he discovered that painting murals could be both fun and a source of income.

"Well," he said, looking back on his days in Florida, "I'd never realized you could make money doing things like that."

Silver Lining
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Murals With a Different Kind of View

Middletown Press by Bill Earls - 03/16/2000

Murals With a Different Kind of ViewWhen Tony and Ann Gagnon talk about why they hired a muralist instead of a house painter or paper hanger to decorate the walls in their kitchen and the childrens' rooms, they say they wanted something different.

"I didn't want regular paint," Ann Gagnon said. "I wanted to liven up the kitchen."

Pat Ganino did that. Ganino calls himself a "muralist" and what he does is paint walls - or, better said, he does painting on walls. The walls of the Gagnon's kitchen spans about 14 feet. Ganino framed it with a panting of lightly leafed trees, bending left and right, to draw the viewer's eye inward. A few feet in are two scenes: a barn in a country field with a road leading up to it; and a tree-surrounded lake with tall, snow capped mountains in the background. Tony Gagnon intends to frame the two pictures with crown molding to match the recently refinished windows.

Ganino from Gales Ferry, said he has been working full time as a muralist for about a year, doing ceilings and walls , working mostly in latex because the colors are bright and because latex doesn't give off the strong fumes that oils would.

"I did this about four or five years ago, including a lot of restaurants," he said.

His portfolio shows everything from flowers, to classical statues,... Read More