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The Faux Finisher - 01/01/2006

faux_finisher_012006.jpgThe ability to let creativity flow and yet remain mindful of cost is one of the most giacco_backsplash.JPGimportant skills I would like to impart to my students when teaching plaster techniques. Plaster is on the high end of faux finishing work, and a wonderful skill to add to one’s repertoire. It is imperative to me that my students be able to offer clients sophisticated work, but also something that saves them money. Keeping cost effective principles in mind when bidding jobs eases the difficulty of selling plaster projects.

Our copper tile inlay is the quintessential cost effect technique. It saves your client money without sacrificing any of the richness attached to the finished effect. The steps are deceptively simple, bringing you through a faux tile effect that is both unique and versatile. The dry time on all my plaster products are extremely fast causing the execution to be painless. This project is one that can be completed in one day and the cost to install is kept to a minimal. I pride myself on easy techniques and try to sincerely instill in my students this mentality. There is nothing better than mastering a simple yet impressively beautiful project which in turn creates a high margin of profit.

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