DVD Series Features Top Industry Stars

The Faux Finisher - 05/15/2007

faux_finisher_spring_07.jpgThe next time you have a yearning to see a great DVD, you could head down to Blockbuster and peruse the newest releases, or you could watch one of nearly two dozen industry titles that have been produced by Creative Evolution. You want stars? These DVDs have some of the brightest stars in the faux industry’s firmament—the likes of Sean Crosby, Pascal Amblard, Tania Seabock, Marc Potocsky, Nicola Vigini, John Pugh, Shari Hoeger (of The Mad Stencilist) and a series of projects from The House That Faux Built. The DVDs cover such topics as gold leafing, marbling, mosaics, landscapes, clouds and airbrushing.

“These are all DVDs from the industry’s top artists,” reported Pat Ganino, owner of Creative Evolution and also director of the DVD series. “We have 20 titles now, but we expect to have a total of 40 in the next few months.” The average price of a DVD is between $50 and $100. Most of the DVDs are produced on-site at Creative Evolution’s Studio in Durham, Conn., though the production team flew out to California to film the large-scale murals of John Pugh. Faux artists can order the DVDs at The Faux Warehouse (www.fauxwarehouse.com), which is a sister Web site to Learn to Faux (www.learntofaux.com), an industry educational resource, and Faux Forum (www.fauxforum.com), an online community and message board for industry artists.

The synergy of these three sites actually gives even more value to the purchaser of the DVD, as Ganino explained: “Many of our instructors, like Sean and Pascal, participate in the Faux Forum, so they can answer questions and provide support as artists try out the techniques presented in the DVDs. Artists can even post pictures for the instructors to critique.” “This is a fraction of the cost of a class,” Ganino observed. “It gives artists a chance to preview a particular teacher and, if they like what they see, they can sign up for one of their classes and learn even more.”

Eventually, Ganino hopes to offer boxed sets of each featured artist as well as a box set of The House That Faux Built projects, while continuing to offer them individually as well. For more information or to order the DVDs, visit www.fauxwarehouse.com.


Connecting Via ArtSpace

Want to get to know your fellow artists on a personal as well as professional basis? Then, you might want to check out the new “ArtSpace” feature at the Faux Forum (www.fauxforum.com). More than 100 artists currently have profiles on the site, and additional artists are joining every day.

“The Internet is becoming more and more personable with blogging and message boards,” explained decorative painter Tania Seabock, who serves as the Faux Forum’s ArtSpace advisor. “We as an industry should be taking advantage of these tools. We need to communicate and interact with each other more, because that allows us to work together to advance the industry.” You could look at ArtSpace as “MySpace” for artists, but Seabook reported that it has some business components in addition to the social ones. “You can create a video for your ArtSpace page, and you can also connect your page to a shopping cart,” she explained. “Time Magazine recently named ‘You’ (meaning all of us) as the Person of the Year, so we as an industry should be using this technology so we don’t get left behind.”

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