A Decade of Changed

The Faux Finisher by Interview with Pat Ganino - 06/01/2009

I started my  businescan0023.jpgss about ten years ago.  I remember it being a dogs_playing_poker.jpgvery independent  and solo career at the time.  It was in the begining when I just wanted  to have the opportunity to do everything.  Paint in every type of space  and every type of home.  I want to learn and to collaborate.   Today all those expectations that I have in my early twentys have been  met and the opportunity to learn and work with other artists from all over  the world are rampent.  This industry like many other industries has  evolved and changed into something more with much help from technology.   Today with the internet there are no boundries or limits to learn.   I now have peers from across the world that I can call and associate  with and it is only getting better....Currently I see thru our main site  www.fauxforum.com   artists sharing not only techniques that allow them to grow as  artisians but practical business knoweledge that furthers them in their path  to becoming a more stable and succesful business in the future.  Today  the industry is an open book to knoweledge and it is all for the taking.   

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